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WWDC22 – Five features we wish to see in iOS 16!

Apple announced the dates for their 2022 edition of WWDC i.e WWDC22 from June 6th-10th. World Wide Developer Conference or WWDC is Apple’s annual developers’ meet where Apple announces new software updates. The event has many sessions for developers with Apple engineers. WWDC is popular for new OS announcements.

What to expect

WWDC22 is an online event this year as well just like in 2020 and 2021. You can view the event here. Apple is expected to make announcements on new iOS i.e. iOS 16, a macOS update and OSes for other Apple devices like Apple Watch, Apple TV etc.

5 features to wish for in iOS 16

iOS 16 release in WWDC22
iOS 16

So, we decided to make a wishlist of 16 features that we hope to see in the iOS 16 release. Here is the list:

#1 Better notifications

Better notifications in iOS 16
Better notifications in iOS 16

Apple made a bunch of improvements in the notifications panel in the last few releases, but we feel it is still behind Android when it comes to notifications.

There have been reports that Apple intends to bring significant improvements to notifications. We can’t be more excited about it!

#2 Health App

Health app improvements in iOS 16

The Health app by Apple is already many leagues ahead of its peers in UX and functionality. It helps the fact that Apple also makes the hardware (Apple Watch) to go with the Health app.

We wish that Apple takes this seamless integration even further. Features like better sleep tracking, medicine management and others are easy for Apple to add since they control important parts of the ecosystem.

#3 More AR

iOS AR kit
iOS AR kit

In the last few releases, Apple has made a lot of progress in the field of AR. Their AR kit is getting more features for apps to use. The seamless integrations with iOS and APIs have opened many avenues of use for many apps.

We expect more advancements in AR in this iOS release.

#4 RCS in iMessage

iMessage support of RCS in WWDC22
iMessage with RCS support

iMessage works in its own world. If an iPhone user tries to send a message to an Android phone on iMessage, the message is automatically converted into an SMS. This is irritating for 2022. Esp. when there are so many other apps that allow seamless communication across devices.

We wish Apple implements Rich Communication Services (RCS) into iMessage making it possible to talk to Android users over mobile data or Wifi on iMessage.

This one, we know is unlikely, given Apple’s love for its walled garden.

#5 Siri improvements

Siri improvement in WWDC22
Siri improvements

We have reached a point where Siri is not even considered a viable Smart Assistant. We doubt if even Apple employees are using Siri as their smart assistant.

iOS 16 hopefully will change this. Siri is due for a major revamp someday. We hope it is in iOS 16. When Apple Maps was launched on iPhone, it was a very bad app. But today, Apple Maps is not only useful but occasionally even better than Google Maps. We hope this happens to Siri as well.

Let’s see what WWDC brings this time. We are very excited! Are you? Let us know in the comments.

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