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The Biggest Image Sensor is coming – Sony Exmor IMX800

Specification of the new Sony Exmor IMX800 just got leaked! And the rumours seem to be true. At 50 MP 1/1.1-inches, the sensor is the biggest in the industry surpassing the previous leader Samsung GN2 with a slightly smaller sensor size of 1/1.12-inches.

Such a breakthrough coming from the Sony stable is not surprising. Sony has been a leader in the camera industry for many years now and has been at the forefront of sensor innovation for decades. A one-inch sensor in a smartphone has been in the works for a few years now.

Why Sensor size matters

The size of the sensor determines the amount of light that is captured in the camera. This is an important criterion in the quality of the final image. Since more light is captured in a large sensor, it helps improves low-light photography. It can also help produce a better Bokeh for portraits and other close-ups. A Bokeh is the soft background blur in photographs.

Sample Bokeh effect

Other aspects of the smartphone camera like the type of lens (Ultrawide, Regular, Telephoto etc), quality of lens and software image processing, also play a role in the image quality.

A smartphone camera sensor

Coming soon

Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra previously had the biggest image sensor at that time, Samsung GN2, in its phone. So it is rumoured that the new Xiaomi 12 Ultra will host the new beast in town, Sony Exmor IMX800.

The Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra did average in the camera tests last year despite having the best sensor in the market. It will be exciting to see how the new Sony Exmor IMX800 sensor fares in the Xiaomi 12 Ultra, if rumours are true.

Mi 11 Ultra

With this new sensor, Sony has pushed the boundaries of what is possible within a smartphone. We are sure Samsung is scrambling to beat Sony in the next round of camera innovation.

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