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Sand Plus theme for Realme and Oppo

Previously we shared the Oxy Pro theme for your Android-based ColorOS UI running devices like Realme and Oppo. Similarly, today we will share another cool minimalist theme. The name of the theme is Sand Plus. It’s actually a Chinese Theme Store’s official theme. 

If you have a device whose ROM is Chinese then my friend you can easily download this theme. But those who own a Realme or Oppo phone with a global ROM & Theme Store Can’t download it directly. So, that’s why we added a true (.theme format) manual link to download this theme for any global Realme Oppo device.


  • Updated icons
  • Better smoother experience
  • Updated Lock Style with new Control Center
  • Fully transparent Notification Panel on realmeUI 3.0, 2.0 & ColorOS 12/11
  • Updated Settings panel’s icons
  • Customized About Phone Section
  • Default File Manager


Compatibility of this Realme Theme

Sand Plus theme can be applied to almost any realme & Oppo devices. First, you have to confirm your phone’s  Android version. Go to Settings > About device > Android version. If you are on the latest android 12 then download the R12 version. For android 11 download R11. R7 version is for android 10. Even if you have the oldest android like 8 or 9 then go for C56

Set up your SIM cards

You can insert two SIM cards into your OPPO phone if it supports dual sim dual standby(DSDS). You can set the default number to be used for making calls or choose a number when making a call. Similarly, you can choose which SIM card is to be used for mobile data.

Use the secondary data SIM for mobile data during calls If you use the primary SIM card for Internet access, this feature lets you use your secondary sim card’s data temporarily while you are on a VoLTE call using your secondary SIMcard. This ensures an uninterrupted network connection during the call. When the call ends, it will switch back to the primary SIM card. Path: Settings – Mobile network – Advanced settings – Use mobile data during calls

Manage mobile data Allow your apps to use Wi-Fi, mobile data, or both for Internet access, or do not allow apps to connect to a network. You can also check the total mobile data usage of your system and apps. Path: Settings – Mobile network – Data usage – Network access.

Use Wi-Fi Assistant

Use Wi-Fi Assistant when your Wi-Fi signal is unstable. Turn on “Auto connect to the best Wi-Fi”. Your phone will monitor the quality of the Wi-Fi networks and automatically connect to the best network. You can also turn on “Auto switch to mobile network”.

When all current Wi-Fi networks are slow and your mobile data is enabled, your phone will automatically switch to the mobile network. Path: Settings – Wi-Fi – Wi-Fi Assistant – Auto connect to the best Wi-Fi.

Use dual-channel acceleration

Dual channel acceleration uses both mobile data and Wi-Fi for smoother and faster Internet access. Apps that support dual channel acceleration are displayed on the page. Path: Settings – Wi-Fi – Wi-Fi Assistant – Dual channel acceleration.

Use dual Wi-Fi acceleration

Dual Wi-Fi acceleration allows your phone to switch between two Wi-Fi channels seamlessly for faster Internet access. Path: Settings – Wi-Fi – Wi-Fi Assistant – Dual Wi-Fi acceleration.

Note: There are two Wi-Fi hotspots: a 2.4 GHz hotspot and a 5 GHz hotspot, which can send and receive data independently without interfering with each other. The two hotspots can have the same or different names. They can share the same router or connect to different routers.

Download Link

How to Apply realme themes:

  1. Download the Theme Store 7.4.0 beta1
  2. Download iMOD Pro
  3. Uninstall your current theme store. Press Theme Store icon > App info > click 3 dot > Uninstall updates.
  4. Open file manager
  5. Click on the theme
  6. Then click Try Me
  7. After applying, Close the theme store from recent
  8. Install Theme Store 7.4.0 beta1
  9. Open iMOD Pro
  10. Click the blue minus icon
  11. Done!

Thanks for coming. Have a nice day!



  1. Bro hamko theme ka lockscreen wallpaper acchaa lagta hai par wallpaper nhi lekin wallpaper change krne par lockscreen wallpaper bhi change ho jata hai koi solution btao na please


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