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How to remove bloatware in RealMe with a FREE one-click tool

RealMe and Oppo phones are one of the most popular Android phones in the market. But they come with a lot of pre-installed (mostly useless) apps. This bloatware occupies unnecessary space in your phone and can’t be deleted. In this blog, we tell you how you can remove such bloatware from your RealMe phones with a FREE one-click tool. We will also tell you how to reinstall a system app if you accidentally delete it.

So, here’s how to uninstall your system apps without root access.

Read on.

How to remove bloatware from RealMe phones
System apps on RealMe phone

Step 1: Developer mode

Go to Settings > About phone > Version. Click repeatedly (7-8 times) on “Build number”.

Go into Developer Mode
Click Build version 7-8 times

You will get into the Developer mode of your phone. You should see a notification at the bottom mentioning that.

Developer mode
Developer mode should get ON

Step 2: Additional settings

Go back to Settings > Additional Settings > Developer options. Have “Developer options” toggle at ON.

Additional settings in developer mode
Developer Options – ON

Ensure “USB debugging” toggle is set to ON.

USB debugging ON
USB debugging – ON

Keep “Disable permission monitoring” as ON.

Disable permission monitoring - ON
Disable permission monitoring – ON

Step 3: Download the tool on PC

Connect your original data cable to the PC. Make sure you use the original data cable that you got with the box.

Connect to PC.
Connect to PC

Go to PC and download the Zip file ColorOS Debloatware tool from this link.

Download the FREE tool to remove bloatware from RealMe and Oppo phones.
Download the tool

Step 4: Install a tool on PC

Extract the Zip file.

Extract the Zip file.
Extract the Zip file

Go to the extracted folder and double-click the .exe file called adb-setup to install the tool.

Install the tool to remove bloatware from RealMe phones.
Run the .exe to install

Type “Y” and press Enter when question prompts come on screen.

Install the tool

This would install the adb-driver on your PC.

Step 5: Phone Debugging

Open the command prompt on your PC. Type “adb devices” and press Enter.

Run the tool
Run command

This would bring a pop-up on your RealMe mobile “Allow USB debugging?”.

Check the box to always allow and press Allow.

Allow USB Debugging
Allow USB debugging

Step 6: Back to PC

Go back to your PC and close the command prompt. Click on the second file inside the extracted Zip folder – ColorOS debloat.bat.

Run the batch file.
Run the batch file

A command prompt will open. Press Enter. You will see three options as seen below on your PC screen.

Choose the desired option
Choose your option

Press 1, if you want to remove RealMe UI applications.

Press 2, if you want to remove default Google applications like Gmail, YouTube and others.

Note: This tool was created by us, so you do not have to worry about any privacy concerns. We are not capturing any personal data.


Step 7-a: Removing RealMe System apps

Choose option 1 after running the ColorOS debloat.bat file on your PC and press Enter. You will see the list of RealMe UI apps on your screen. Choose the ones you want to uninstall.

For example, say you want to remove the Theme Store app from your RealMe phone.

Removing Theme Store from the RealMe phone
Removing Theme Store app

The option for that in my list is 11. So, I would type 11 and press Enter.

Choose the app to uninstall.
Choose the app to remove

You will now see a prompt to confirm the delete. Type 1 and press Enter.

Confirm your choice
Press 1 to confirm

And voila! The Theme Store app is deleted. You can search for the app on your phone to confirm the delete and you would not see it.

Delete Theme Store.
Theme Store app is deleted

Let’s take another example. Netflix is another default app on my RealMe phone. I check the list and see Netflix on option 8. Next, type 8 and press Enter. Then, type 1 and press Enter to confirm the delete.

Remove Netflix app.
Removing Netflix app

And boom! Netflix app is deleted from your phone.

This way you can uninstall your system apps without root access.

Step 7-b: Removing Google apps from your RealMe phone

Removing Google apps from RealMe phone.
Removing Google apps

Now let’s see how to delete Google apps from your phone. Go to PC and the command prompt opened by our .bat file. Press 0 in the command prompt to go back to Main Menu.

Go back to Main Menu.
Press 0. Go back to Main menu

Press 2 and Enter. This would show you the list of all Google apps on your phone.

List of all Google apps

Let’s try to remove Chrome from my phone. As you can see below, Chrome is no. 10 on my list. I type 10 and press Enter. I again press 1 and Enter to confirm the delete.

Delete Chrome app from RealMe phone
Deleting Chrome

That’s it. Chrome is deleted!

Chrome removed from RealMe phone.
Chrome deleted.

Step 7-c: Recovering uninstalled apps

To recover an uninstalled app, go back to the Main Menu in our tool. (Press 0 and Enter)

Choose the right option
Press 0. Go back to Main Menu

Type 3 and Enter to go to “Backup – uninstalled apps”. You will see the list of apps that you previously uninstalled.

Recover deleted apps
Press 3 to recover deleted apps

For example, let’s recover the Theme Store app we previously uninstalled. As you can see, Theme Store is no. 11 on my list. So, type 11 and press Enter. Then press 1 and Enter to confirm the choice.

Confirm your choice.
Press 11 and then 1 to confirm

And the Theme Store app is installed back on the phone. This is how you recover any of the deleted bloatware on your phone.

Theme Store app is reinstalled.
Theme Store app is reinstalled

Watch instructions in Hindi

So, this is how you remove bloatware from Realme and Oppo devices using a free one-click tool. If you wish to see the whole instructions in Hindi, here’s the video from our YouTube channel.

Uninstall system apps realme without root

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