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Download RealMe game space if you mistakenly uninstalled

RealMe Game Space is a popular app used to optimize users’ gameplay experience on mobiles. For example, game space can pause all notifications and calls during gameplay to give users a smoother playing experience.

RealMe Game space also gives you other options to optimize the performance of the mobile phone for the game. For example, it gives different power modes like Low Power mode to maximise battery life while gaming and a Pro Gamer mode to provide extreme performance.

Game Space in RealMe phones
Game Space in RealMe phone

But sometimes while playing with different Android customizations, we may accidentally end up removing the Game Space app. Although it is a system app RealMe phones allow us to remove these apps. Long press > Remove, will show you the option to uninstall Game Space.

Removing Game Space from phone.
Remove the Game Space app

Uninstall Game Space.
Game Space App uninstalled

In this blog, we will tell you how to get the Game Space app back on your phone.

How to reinstall Game Space

There are basically two ways of reinstalling Game Space depending on the version of RealMe UI you have on your phone.

How to check RealMe UI version

Go to the Settings > About phone section to check the RealMe UI version.

How to check the RealMe UI version.
Check RealMe UI version

Method #1: If you have RealMe UI 2.0

This method is valid only if you have RealMe UI version 2.0.

Go to Settings panel > App Management > choose “Restore system apps” from the list.

Restore System apps from App Management in Settings.
App Management in Settings

Method #2: If you have RealMe UI 1.0

You will have to download the APK file for Game Space separately. You will need to try two versions of Game Space. One of them will surely work. Start with the 4.0.2 version and if it doesn’t work properly, then go for the 2.0.41 version.

Game Space v4.0.2 or v2.0.41
Game Space v4.0.2 or v2.0.41

Game space download links for both versions are as follows: Version 4.0.2 & Version 2.0.41

About the new Game Space release

Some of you had messaged, asking us to release the APK of the new Game Space version, which has the Voice Change feature. This version will not work on devices with Global ROM. It is only for devices with Chinese ROM.

We can only install and use it on our devices after a Game Space version is released for the Global ROM devices.

Watch the instructions in Hindi

You can watch the same instructions to reinstall Game Space in Hindi on our YouTube channel here.

Follow our blog for more such RealMe tips and tricks.



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