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Why you should buy Samsung’s refurbished Galaxy S21 series

While Samsung’s Galaxy S22 has been grabbing all the headlines, Samsung just made the deal sweeter for Galaxy S21 lovers. Samsung now officially sells a refurbished line of Galaxy S21 phones. Many of these are likely trade-ins at Samsung outlets for the newer Galaxy S22.

Samsung’s certified re-newed

Refurbished Samsung Galaxy S21 5G program
Samsung Certified Re-newed program

Samsung launched the “Re-newed” program to take their older flagship models to the more affordable segment. The certified re-newed phones are slightly better than plain refurbished.

These devices get a brand new battery and IMEI number. The latest software updates come pre-installed and a “132-point quality inspection” is done by engineers in a Samsung facility. These certified re-newed phones are also covered by the same 1-year warranty as new devices. Since these phones are coming directly from Samsung, you can be rest assured about the quality.

Samsung opened for pre-orders on the “certified re-newed” models of Galaxy S21. The line up includes Galaxy S21, S21 Plus and S21 Ultra. The re-newed phones come at lower price than a new phone. But the difference is not huge because of the rigorous checks that Samsung has for these older phones.

The base model of Galaxy S21 with 128 GB of storage is available for $675. This is $124 below the new MSRP for a new model. The Galaxy S21 Plus with 128 GB storage is for $850, $149 less than the MSRP. Similarly, the re-newed Ultra with 128 GB is available for $1,000, $200 below MSRP for a new model.

Interestingly, the Galaxy S21 FE (‘Fan Edition’) is not being sold in the re-newed store.

Addtional $100 credit

Samsung Galaxy S21

You can go to to buy or buy it from select Samsung retailers near you. Samsung is also offering a $100 store credit if you pre-order now. This will help you get a few accessories like chargers and cases for free with the re-newed phone.

Samsung has stopped production of their Galaxy S21 lineup, so this re-newed program has become one of the best ways to get you hands on the last year’s phone. The Refurbished Samsung Galaxy S21 phones will have the following features:

  • 132-point quality check performed by Samsung engineers
  • Fresh new battery and refurbished with genuine Samsung parts.
  • 1-year warranty like in new Galaxy S22
  • Cheaper than the new model.

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