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How to get RealMe UI 3.0 paid themes in Theme Store for FREE

RealMe UI 3.0 has many beautiful paid themes in the Theme Store. But the Trial versions of all of them can be experienced only for 5 mins. Here, I tell you a simple trick by which you can bypass this limit and get longer access to these wonderful themes.

RealMe Old theme
RealMe old theme

Read on to see how.

Apply any RealMe UI 3.0 Paid theme

To begin, you need to install a trial of a paid theme from the Theme Store. You could also apply the custom theme we created – NOVO (R11) theme. We will show you an example using our theme.

NOVO paid theme
Our NOVO paid theme

Go ahead and install our NOVO theme. If you get an Error as below: “Failed to apply. Try one of the following methods to resolve your issue (-104)” then do not panic. Here’s how to solve it.

RealMe UI 3.0 Theme apply error
Error on trying to open a paid theme

Click on “Got it”. Long press the Theme Store app icon and choose “App info”.

Click on the three-dot icon on the top-right, choose “Uninstall updates” and press OK.

Uninstall updates.
Theme Store > App Info > Uninstall updates

Go back and choose the NOVO theme from File Manager. This time the theme will open. Choose “Try out” to apply the theme.

Apply a paid theme.
“Try out” the paid theme
Switch to a paid theme
Apply a Paid theme

Install a new Theme Store app

Install a custom Theme store APK
Install one of the APK files

The second step is to install any of the two versions of Theme Store: v8.1.5 and v8.2.0. Here are the APK files for them:

Theme Store version 8.1.5 download

Theme Store version 8.2.0 download

Update the app.
Install the new Theme Store app

The icon post update will look as follows:

New Theme Store installed.
Theme Store icon

Edit Theme Store settings

After installing one of the Theme Store versions, long-press the Theme Store app and click App Info.

App info on new theme store app
App Info on the new Theme Store App

Go to “Data Usage”. Make sure the options “Disable Mobile data” and “Disable Wi-Fi” are switched ON.

Switch off internet access for the app.
Disable data access for the app

Next, go to “Storage Usage” under “App Info” and press “Clear data”.

Clear old data from the Theme Store app
Clear existing data of the app

Go to Recent apps on your phone and Clear all the apps.

Close Open background apps
Close open background apps


Restart the phone and do not open Theme Store till you want to change the theme again.

Reboot the phone
Phone reboot

If you open the Theme Store app, the Trial version will get activated. That’s it! Your paid theme will remain active.

New paid theme is now available for free.
New RealMe UI 3.0 paid theme!

Hope you liked our simple trick. Please try it out and tell us if it worked for you.

Watch instructions in Hindi

You can watch these instructions in Hindi by watching our video on our YouTube channel.

How to get a RealMe UI 3.0 paid theme for free

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