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RealMe UI 3.0 Stable C.06 update – Full Review!

A stable update of “realme UI 3.0” has started rolling out on RealMe 8 4G phones and we are ready with an extensive review of it. Read on to understand what’s new!

3D icons in realme UI 3.0
realme UI 3.0 – icons

Size and Update version

The version for the stable release is C.06. So, make sure it is that before updating your system to it. The size of the update is a little over 1 GB. You will also see an “Official version” mentioned in the update info.

The update would about 5-10 minutes after download.

RealMe 8 phones
RealMe 8

Smart Assistant

Smart Assistant of realme UI.30 provides easy access to “Popular apps”, “Step tracker” and “Quick functions”. All of this work properly in the version and we also get an option to customise the Smart Assistant.

If you do not see Smart Assistant in the update, you can download and install it manually as well. With this, you can permanently have the Smart Assistant installed on your RealMe devices.

Home screen modes

The “Home Screen and Lock Screen” options in the settings no longer have a Simple mode. Standard and Drawer mode are the only two options now available in realme UI 3.0. Simple mode showed the icon details clearly but RealMe decided to remove that option in the new system update.


AnTuTu benchmark

We tested the new update on the AnTuTu benchmark and it scored a decent 270358. This was tested on a 4 Gb RAM + 128 GB memory version. Your scores may vary if the model is different.

Gaming performance

realme UI 3.0 gaming performance
realme UI 3.0 – gaming performance

We tested the gaming performance after the update with Battleground Mobile India (BGMI) game. We started the game at 56%.

The new Game assistant is available in the mobile phone. The voice changer is also supported in the game. The option to choose the performance modes like Low Power mode, Balanced mode or Pro Gamer mode is also available. The System live status of FPS, GPU and CPU is also shown clearly in the game.

In the graphics settings, “Smooth-Ultra”, “Balanced-Ultra” and “HD-High” options are available. The gameplay was pretty slow. We saw a considerable drop in the FPS as the game progressed.

We played the game In HD-High mode for about 4 minutes and the battery reduced from 56% to 53%. The phone also got heated considerably. There was a bad lag in the gameplay for Smooth-Ultra and Balanced-Ultra modes as well. Frame drops were also high.

AOD customisation

RealMe has not provided Always On Display customisation on RealMe 8 phones. Although the AOD feature is available, we do not think this AOD customisation will ever come on RealMe 8 series phones. This is because its display is of lower quality than other phones.

realme UI 3.0 AOD
realme UI 3.0 – Always On Display

UI lag issue

realme UI 3.0 uses almost 3 GB of RAM leaving only 1 GB for other uses in the 4GB model. This causes serious lag in UI performance at times.

Occasionally, we also faced slowness in unlocking with fingerprint. The screen would sometimes go black before unlocking the phone. So, not all bugs have been fixed from the beta versions.

Issue with System apps

Some phones may face issues using system apps. In that case, join the official Telegram channel “RealMe System Apps Update” here. You will get all the official updates on system apps for all RealMe phones here.

Did you update the phone to realme UI 3.0? Did you face any bugs? Let us know how you found it.

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