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How to turn Safe Mode ON/OFF in RealMe phones

In this blog, we will talk about what is a Safe Mode in RealMe phones, how to turn Safe Mode ON or OFF and what are the advantages and disadvantages of Safe Mode in RealMe phones.

If you have a RealMe phone or planning to get one, read this one for sure!

What is a Safe Mode?

Safe Mode in RealMe phone
Safe Mode in RealMe

If you are like us, you would be installing a ton of apps from Playstore on your phone. There is always a risk that some of these Android apps may have malware or some serious bugs. So whenever your phone becomes slow or less responsive, you would like to know if the issue is because of an app you installed.

Safe Mode is a useful feature available in all Android phones (not just RealMe phones). It tells you if the performance issue of your phone is because of an app you installed or if there is some other system related issue.

If the lag in your phone gets resolved after going to Safe Mode, it means the issue is because of some app that you had installed. You can easily fix it by resetting your phone. And that may save you a visit to the Service Centre.

However, if the lag does not get solved even after going into Safe Mode, you may have to visit the nearest Service Centre. They will refresh your software or fix the hardware issues if any.

Switching to Safe Mode in RealMe Phone

Power off your RealMe phone
1 – Power Off your phone

First, you need to power off your RealMe phone. Next, press the power ON button. As the phone switches on, you will see the RealMe logo on the screen.

Press volume down button as you restart your RealMe phone
2 – Press Volume down button as you restart the phone

Keep pressing the Volume Down button, once the logo shows up. Do not leave the button till the phone boots up completely. Once the phone boots up, the phone will be in Safe Mode.

Safe Mode ON in a RealMe phone
3 – Safe Mode ON in RealMe phone

That’s it your phone is now in Safe Mode!

You will notice a small logo on the bottom left that says “Safe Mode”.

Troubleshooting in Safe Mode

Third Party apps are disabled in Safe Mode
3rd party apps disabled in Safe Mode

You will notice that Safe Mode disables all third-party apps you had installed on your phone. You’ll only be able to use system apps like Dailer pad, Messages and Camera.

Once in Safe Mode, you should see the same kind of performance you had before the lag issue started. But if you still experience the same lag, even after getting into Safe Mode, then the issue is not because of apps.

The issue, in that case, could be because of a bug in the OS update or a hardware problem. You may think of visiting a RealMe Service Centre to check your phone.

Safe Mode is a harmless process for troubleshooting your phone. There are no side effects of going in or out of Safe Mode, as many times as you need.

Switching OFF the SafeMode

You can switch the Safe Mode OFF by simply restarting your RealMe phone.

All apps get enable after Switching OFF Safe Mode in RealME phone.
All apps get enabled after switching Safe Mode OFF

After restart, you would notice that the Safe Mode logo at the bottom left is gone and all your third-party apps are enabled again.

Watch the Instructions in Hindi

You can watch all these instructions on Safe Mode in our Hindi video on our YouTube channel:

RealMe – Safe Mode ON/OFF

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