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Nothing launcher public beta released – how Phone 1 might look!

Nothing Tech has taken one more step towards releasing their first Nothing Phone 1. The public beta of Nothing Launcher is now out.

You can download the Nothing Launcher app from the Play Store. We covered the announcement of Nothing Phone 1 here in our blog.

Supported models

The current version of Nothing Launcher can be installed only in select Android models, namely Samsun Galaxy S21 and S22, Google Pixel 5, and newer.

The company has mentioned that OnePlus support for the app is also coming soon.

Nothing Launcher beta 1 review

The app itself is pretty basic as of now. It will set a basic skin on your phone. The layout is straightforward with four icons in the dock, a Google search bar widget and two other icons on the top-left and top-right of it.

Nothing launcher home screen and wallpaper
Homepage with the default wallpaper

The wallpaper is a blurry black-and-white image of a hand. It does not go well with the status bar on top. The values become almost unreadable.

The app also provides some interesting widgets to choose from. Some of the widgets include an analog clock, a digital clock, and a weather widget.

Each design is in line with Nothing’s overall theme of grey, white, black, and red. But the design is really the only thing different in these widgets. The widget in itself is functionally no different.

Widgets in the Nothing Launcher
Widgets from Nothing Launcher

The app drawer is also basic with a light grey background. The icons of the apps get circular icons similar to one in Pixel phones.

You can also enlarge your favorite icons to get a bigger circle for the app on the home screen. The folder is also circular in design.

Enlarged circular icons
Enlarged app icons


There are some basic settings changes that you can do for the skin. You can choose to auto-add new apps to the home screen when new apps are installed on the phone. You can also turn notification dots OFF or ON on the app icons.

Some other settings on the wallpaper and style are also available like choosing an App Grid style, App icon style, and enabling wallpaper scrolling on the home screen.

You can also change the wallpaper if you do not like the default one.

Download Links

Long way to go

Clearly, the first beta release of Nothing Launcher is just the first step. We expect more exciting features to get into the app in the near term. Stay tuned for that.

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