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MIUI 13.5 theme for Oppo and Realme devices

MIUI 13.5 is a custom theme for Oppo devices. You can apply a bounce of custom and third-party themes on your Realme or Oppo device thanks to ColorOS. There are a lot of themes available on the Theme Store but they can offer you some basic features. This is why our NT Porter team builds custom themes with advanced features for free. In this article, we will share with you a new custom theme called MIUI 13.5.


  • Premium MIUI 13.5 design
  • 512×512 px resolution icon pack
  • High-quality graphics and wallpaper
  • Custom MIUI 13.5 lock screen
  • Cool new fingerprint animation
  • Zero transparency on the apps drawer
  • Settings
  • MIUI designed battery icon
  • Network, WiFi, Bluetooth, NFC, etc icons are modified
  • The custom interface on ColorOS default Phone & messages

Bokeh on live video

Now you can’t only take bokeh prints but also shoot bokeh videos. You can fluently shoot amazing videos with stressed subjects. Both the front and front cameras support the Video Bokeh point. With the Bokeh Flare portrayal point, you can add blurred backgrounds and a lens flare effect analogous to that of a DSLR or Mirrorless camera’s large-orifice lens to portray videos with one valve. 

Bokeh Flare portrayal

Bokeh Flare’s portrayal is only available on some OPPO phones. Time-Lapse You can take time-lapse videos with your camera. In this mode, the videos you shoot, whether they’re twinkles, hours, or days in length, are compressed and docked to a 101 ratio. However, for business or other time-lapse scenes, please place your phone at a 

If you want to shoot sunsets in a stable and safe position. Path Camera-further- Time-Lapse.

MIUI 13.5 Search

Smart Search

Smart Search makes it easier for you to find prints. Open prints and tap the top hunt box to start Smart Search. After tapping the hunt bar, you’ll find a number of compendiums distributed by recent operation, time, objects, scenes, and people. 

Another advantage

You can enter the time, position, people, or theme in the hunt box to snappily find the prints you need. For illustration, you can enter” geography” to view the beautiful geography prints you took during your peregrination. Smart Search supports secondary hunting. After getting the hunt results, you can enter new keywords on the hunt result runner to get more accurate results.

Get amazing prints with editing

ColorOS print editing provides you with 10 editing tools including image cropping, conforming, filtering, marking up and further. In addition to using the smart bus adaptation, you can also manually configure the brilliance, discrepancy, achromatism and other parameters to your liking. You can also add markups, add textbooks and produce mosaics. When you view images in prints, valve” Edit” at the bottom to edit images.

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Download Link

How to Apply realme themes:

  1. Download the Theme Store 7.4.0 beta1
  2. Download iMOD Pro
  3. Uninstall your current theme store. Press Theme Store icon > App info > click 3 dot > Uninstall updates.
  4. Open file manager
  5. Click on the theme
  6. Then click Try Me
  7. After applying, Close the theme store from recent
  8. Install Theme Store 7.4.0 beta1
  9. Open iMOD Pro
  10. Click the blue minus icon
  11. Done!

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