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How to create your own Themes for RealMe phones

Often when we install a new theme, we love some aspects of it and some we hate. In this blog, we are going to cover how you can make your own theme for RealMe phones by combining different design aspects of multiple themes.

Read on to find out how.

Put themes in a folder

Download the themes you like into a folder. As you can see here, we have 3 themes that we like in our folder.

Add all themes in a folder
Add all the themes you want to mix in a folder.

Extract the theme files

Rename each of the them by adding a suffix “.zip” to each theme file. This will make the file extractable.

How to make a custom RealMe theme
Rename files as .zip

You may have to click Save twice to save the file.

Rename the theme file.
Add .zip extension

Now click on the Zip file and choose Extract.

Extract the zip file

After extracting you will find a folder created with same name.

Extract all themes
A folder with same name is created

Now, delete the zip file.

Delete the .zip files
Delete the zip file

Do this process for all the theme files you want to mix. The end result would look something like this.

Theme folders
End result after extracting

Customize the theme

Go to the theme folder you want to customize. You will notice a lot of files like this in the folder.

Understanding files inside a RealMe theme.
Files inside the theme folder

Let’s go through the list and understand what these files are.

As the name suggests,

  • com.android.contacts will have the Dialer pad.
  • com.android.settings will have the settings UI
  • com.android.systemui has navigation bar, status bar icon and notification panel
  • com.oppo.launcher & icons is the place where the icons of the theme are kept.
How to open a XML file in android
How to open themeinfo.xml

themeinfo.xml is a file that needs to be edited for customization. You can edit this file with an XML file editor. Search for that on Play Store.


How to make a Realme Theme

Change the notification panel

Let’s now see an example of how to modify the notification panel of a theme with another one. Say you want to change the notification panel of OxygenOS theme with Blue UI’s notification panel. Here’s how to do it:

The notification panel is part of the com.android.systemui file. Copy the file from Blue UI theme folder and paste in Oxygen OS theme folder.

Copy system theme files to main theme folder.
Copy com.android.systemui from Blue UI folder

Click on Replace file.

replace the old files
Paste inside Oxygen OS theme folder

Change the icon pack

Let’s change the icon pack now. In this example we will use the icons of the iOS 13 theme in Oxygen OS theme.

The icon pack is provided by two files : com.oppo.launcher and icons

Copy the two files (com.oppo.launcher and icons) from iOS 13 theme folder to Oxygen OS theme folder.

Copy icon pack to new theme folder.
Copy com.oppo.launcher & icons

Click on Replace file when the prompt comes.

customized Oxygen OS theme
Copy into Oxygen OS theme folder

Creating the final theme

Select all the files from the edited theme folder. In our case, we are using the Oxygen OS theme folder.

Compress the files
Choose all the files inside the edited theme folder

Click More and choose Compress File.

Zip the theme files
Compress files

Choose Compress to current folder and write your custom theme name.

Compress to current folder
Compress to current folder

You’ll see a zip file getting created.

Name the new theme file.
New zip file
test theme.zip is your new theme
test theme.zip is created

Rename the .zip extension to .theme to make your own RealMe Theme.

Rename .zip to .theme.
Rename .zip to .theme

Apply your custom RealMe theme

Apply your custom RealMe theme
test theme.theme

Click on the file and apply your theme.

How to make your own RealMe themes
Apply your custom theme

You’ll notice that the your custom theme has icons from the iOS 13 theme and notification panel from Blue UI theme. While the rest of theme is the Oxygen OS theme.

iOS icons on Oxygen OS theme
iOS icons on Oxygen OS theme
Blue UI notification panel on Oxygen OS theme
Blue UI notification panel on Oxygen OS theme

And this is how to mix different themes and make your own RealMe theme.

Watch the instructions in Hindi

Watch the same instructions on how to make your own RealMe theme in Hindi on our YouTube channel.

Follow our blog to learn more such Android tricks.



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