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Leaked! Xiaomi Mi Band 7 details. Launching soon!

One of the most affordable and successful smartwatches in the world, Xiaomi Mi Band, is coming up with its new version very soon. We tracked the rumours and leaks around it and putting it all together for you.

Read on.

Xiaomi Mi Band 7 – Release date

Ever since its release in 2014, Xiaomi Mi Band has been the best bang for the buck when it comes to smartwatches. The current version, Mi Band 6, was launched last year in March 2021. The one before that, Mi Band 5, was released in June 2020.

Xiaomi has consistently released a new version of Mi Band every year. So, Mi Band 7 is expected to hit the stores by mid-2022. However, the rumours are ripe that we may hear something in the next few weeks! *excited*

Xiaomi Mi Band 6 model image
Mi Band 6

Mi Band 7 Display

As per some trusted source leaks, the new band is expected to have a larger display than Mi Band 6. The previous already had the largest display yet of 1.56-inches (152 x 486 screen). Mi Band 7 is expected to go even further with a 192 x 490 ticker.

The display will continue to be an AMOLED screen just like in Mi Band 6. There were some initial rumours of Xiaomi creating a breakthrough design of a 360-degree flexible screen, but that seems unlikely on Mi Band 7.

Large 1.56 inch display of Mi Band
Mi Band Display

The Mi Band displays are 326 ppi bright enough to view in sunlight. Thanks to better battery innovation and display technologies, new band is expected to have an Always-on Display. It’ll be interesting to see how Xiaomi does that while claiming a 14-day battery life.

Better Specs

Mi Bands are excellent when it comes to sports tracking and health monitoring. The new Mi Band 7 is expected to be the first in its series to have an in-built GPS. In all previous models, the bands used connected GPS technology, i.e. using your phone’s GPS for tracking.

Having an inbuilt GPS would mean, users can leave the phone at home and yet track their progress.

Different sporting modes in Mi Band.

One drawback of having an in-built GPS is that the device would consume a lot of power and hence it would require a bigger battery. This means, there must be some smart power-saving features also coming up in the new Mi Band 7.

There is also speculation that the Mi Band 7 will have a bigger 250 mAh battery. If true, this will be a massive jump from the 125 mAh battery sported by the Mi Band 6.

There is another rumour that the new Mi Band 7 will feature a Smart Alarm, that detects when you are sleeping light and wakes you up within 30 minutes of your alarm. This would help users to feel less groggy when they wake up.

Mi Band has many watch faces. the new version is expected to have more.
Mi Band watch faces

Other exciting features include password protection for your fitness data and newer watch faces. It is also expected that Mi Band 7 will have even more fitness tracking modes.

Rebranded App

Mi Fit App has had UX issues for long and it is a great thing that the Mi Fit app has been replaced with Zepp Life app. The rebranded app has a better user flow and provides a more intuitive UI.

The new app is available for Android and iOS devices.

Zepp life app formerly known as Mi Fit app.

It’ll be interesting to see how many of these leaks come out true.

Stay tuned to NTPorter.com for all the latest updates.

Xiaomi Mi Bands are available in many colours.
Mi Band smartwatch



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