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How to fix common KWGT Error: No such file or directory

KWGT is a popular custom widget-maker app. It helps you create custom widgets for your Android phone. In today’s blog, we’ll show you how to fix a common error that is seen while using KWGT: “No such file or directory”.

About the Import preset error

KWGT Error during import preset
Import Preset option in KWGT

KWGT is a popular app among Android customization enthusiasts to create stunning widgets for your home screen. But while importing a custom or third-party preset into KWGT, a lot of people see an error as below: “No such file or directory.”

KWGT Error during import preset
KWGT error: No such file or directory

Let’s see how we can fix this error.

How to fix

Step 1: Clear data

Long press the KWGT app and go to App Info > Storage Usage > Clear data. This will clear all the existing settings, files, accounts and databases of the KWGT app.

Clear data from KWGT app.
Clear the existing from the app

Step 2: Delete Kustom folder

Go to File manager and delete a folder named “Kustom”.

Delete KWGT's Kustom folder
Delete the Kustom folder

Step 3: Add a KWGT widget to Home screen

Customize home screen by adding a KWGT Kustom widget.

Add a new Kustom widget
Add a Kustom widget to the Home Screen

Click on the new widget.

Click on new widget to edit.
Click on the new widget

KWGT will now ask for permission to access different settings of your phone. Give all permissions asked by KWGT app by pressing “Allow”.

Give all permissions to KWGT app.
Allow all – to permissions

Step 4: Create a sample widget

DO NOT click on “Import” first. Click on “+ Create” and create a random dummy widget.

Create a dummy widget
Click on +Create

For example, I add a shape inside it.

Add any Komponent in the KWGT widget
I add a shape in the sample widget

Click Save.

Adding shape in a KWGT widget
Click Save

Step 5: Export preset

Click on the top left menu icon with three horizontal bars. Click on “Export Preset”.

Export preset in KWGT app.
Export Preset

Type any random title and description and click Export.

Export preset from KWGT widget
Export the preset

Step 6: Remove the dummy widget

Go back to the Home screen and just remove the dummy widget you created.

Remove the dummy widget you created.
Remove the recently created widget

Step 7: Import preset error solved!

That’s it! Your “Import Preset” error is solved now.

Import preset into KWGT app.
Try importing a preset now.

Try adding a Kustom widget and importing a preset now – it should work properly this time.

KWGT Error of "No such file or directory" is solved.

Watch the fix in Hindi

You can watch the same fix in the video from our YouTube channel here.

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