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iOS Theme download for Realme and Oppo

As we all know, Apple recently added a new Green color variation on their iPhone 13 and 13 Pro series. If you are a realme or oppo phone user then there is good news for you. Our NT Porter team created a new iOS 15 theme that represents the new green color look for your existing realme and oppo device. Basically Todays topic is, iOS theme download for realme.

iOS Theme Details:

Name: Green iPhone 13 Pro.
Size: 15 MB (Approximate)
Author: NT Porter

Features of iOS Theme:

You will get a lot of features on this theme. Here are some features that you can prefer –

  • New iOS 15 updated icons
  • Better smoother experience from the last iOS theme
  • Updated Lock Style with new Control Center
  • Swipe left to access all new widgets
  • Fully transparent Notification Panel on realmeUI 2.0 & ColorOS 11
  • Updated Settings icons
  • Customized realme Laboratory interface
  • Customized About Phone Section with iOS 15 logo
  • Default File Manager interface changed

iOS 15 Theme icons:

We added 100% original iOS 15 icons extracted from iPhone 11. Yes, you will get a real iOS icon experience from your ColorOS or realme UI running device. All icons are very high quality so you will never get any cheap look from this theme. If you tried our old iOS themes then you might notice some poor quality icons on that. It is true that before we extracted icons from Screenshots. That’s why the quality was not so good before. But in this Green iPhone 13 Pro theme, you will never notice any kind of issues.

iOS Theme Notification Panel:

You will get two different Notification panels on this theme. When your phone is locked, just swipe down from the top then you will see a very smoother iOS style Control Center.

control center of ios theme for realme

This Control Center is only accessible from the lock screen. On the other side, you will get another notification panel which can be accessible from anywhere on your phone.

Notification Panel of ios theme for realme

If you are on realmeUI 2.0 then the notification panel will look like this.

Lock Screen:

Lock Screen is my favorite part of this theme because animations really impressed me. When you are in lock screen, Swipe down the page and you will also be impressed with the control center smoothness. You can access some iOS widgets from the lock screen.

Widgets of ios theme for realme

 To access them, just swipe left.

Compatibility of this Realme Theme:

This theme can be applied to almost any realme & Oppo devices. Checkout from here:

  • realme UI 2.0 / Android 11
  • ColorOS 11 / Android 11
  • realme UI 1.0 / Android 10
  • ColorOS 7 / Android 10
  • ColorOS 5 & 6

iOS theme Download for Realme:

How to Apply realme themes:

  1. Download the Theme Store 7.4.0 beta1
  2. Download iMOD Pro
  3. Uninstall your current theme store. Press Theme Store icon > App info > click 3 dot > Uninstall updates.
  4. Open file manager
  5. Click on the theme
  6. Then click Try Me
  7. After applying, Close theme store from recent
  8. Install Theme Store 7.4.0 beta1
  9. Open iMOD Pro
  10. Click the blue minus icon
  11. Done!

Get more Realme Oppo themes from here. And If you wish you can checkout the video tutorial:

Thanks for coming. Have a nice day!



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