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Get iOS emoji in android without root 2022

Today we will tell you how to Get iOS emoji in Android without root. This method will work for almost every smartphone brand for example Samsung, Xiaomi, Vivo, Oppo, realme, OnePlus, Tecno, Infinix, and more.

No matter what your Android version, It will work on Android 6 to Android 13.

A few days ago we shared iOS 15.4 emojis for android. But in today’s post we will share the latest iOS 16 emoji with you.

iOS emoji in android without root access

If you have a Rooted Android device then it is very easy for you to change your emojis.

Now in 2022, it is also easy for non-rooted users to change their regular Android emojis to the original iPhone’s iOS emoji.

How to do it? Let’s find out. 

Preview of iOS 16 emoji

Before following the steps, see this image. This is a brief preview of the ios emojis I’m using from my Android phone.

iOS 16 emoji for realme

How to setup iOS emoji in android

#1 Download App

Go to the Play Store and download this application called zFont. After installing, Open the app.

You will see an Emoji section on the home page. Select iOS emoji.

#2 Select your device brand

Tap on the “A” icon & you will see some options to choose your android manufacturer brand.

You can choose your brand or keep it “Auto”. This app will automatically detect your smartphone brand. So, I’m keeping it auto.

Install  iOS 16 (zFont) extension

Note: If your device is not mentioned on this page, you can choose “Create a Magisk module” to flash it through Magisk Manager. But remember, you need root access to do that.

#3 Apply According to the device

Tap on applying, then this app will tell you the next steps according to your device.

Right now, I am using a Realme device. So this app will tell me what to do next to apply iOS emoji on Realme or Oppo devices.

Methods of applying in an Oppo and Realme device are the same because of ColorOS.

By the way, You can try the same method for a OnePlus device. You may know that OxygenOS is actually based on ColorOS.

If you are using Samsung, Vivo, Xiaomi, or other brands except for realme/oppo then you don’t need to read this post anymore. Just follow the instructions that the app tells you.

#4 Apply on a Realme or Oppo device

To apply on a realme/OPPO or OnePlus device tap on “Support dai characters [Best]”

ios emoji in any android in 2022

#5 Install extension

Tap on install, Then a popup will come with the iOS 16(zFont) apk. You have to install it.

ios emoji in xiaomi

#6 Change Region

Now go to settings, Then tap on the search bar & search “Region”. Tap Region.

ios emoji in infinix

By default, the region was the country where you live. But you have to change it to Myanmar.

Don’t worry, this won’t void your phone’s warranty or something like that. It is safe & sound to change the region.

ios emoji in vivo

To set the Myanmar region, tap on the search bar & search. Then select Myanmar.

If you don’t change the region then iOS emojis will not work.

iOS emoji in samsung

#7 Turn on Support dai characters

After changing the region go back to the settings front page and search ” Support”.

iOS emoji in Oppo

Then you will see an option as Support dai characters. Tap on that and turn on the option.

iOS emoji in realme

#8 You are done

Yes! you heard it right. After turning on this option your iOS emoji on Android is here.

real iOS emoji in android without root

Video Topic

Download the iOS 16 emoji apk

Video Tutorial

Thanks for reading this post. Have a great day!




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