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Get iOS 15.4 emoji for realme phone without root

Recently, Apple released their new iOS 15.4 update for iPhones and iPadOS 15.4 for iPads. In this update Apple added some new cool emojis.

iOS 15.4 emojis

These emojis are only available for iOS platforms only. Initially you can’t get those emojis on any other operating system machine. But there is a technique that I will share with you to install those new iOS 15.4 emojis on any Realme and Oppo devices.

iOS 15.4 emoji on realme phone:

I tested iOS 15.4  emoji on my Realme GT NEO 2 which is running on realme UI 2.0 with Android 11. All emojis work perfectly without any single issue. This method will be works with realme UI 1.0, realme UI 2.0, ColorOS 6, ColorOS 7, ColorOS 11

iOS 15.4 emoji for realme

Best part of this technique that I’ll tell you today is that you don’t need to root your Realme or Oppo device to install them. This method works with both rooted and non rooted devices. As I mentioned, my device GT NEO 2 is not rooted yet. So let’s begin.

Follow the steps:

Download zFont app

Download the latest zFont app from Play Store. This App is mandatory for changing your normal Android emojis to iPhone emojis. You can simply search it on Play Store & Download it.

Open zFont

After installing, open the app. Then You will see something like that

iOS 15.4 emoji for realme using zFont

Now, Scroll down a little bit and you’ll find a dedicated emoji tab on there. On this emoji tab you will see there are many types of emojis showing there.Like JoyPixels, WhatsApp, Twemoji, Vsmart, Windows and more.

zFont emoji tab to choose iOS 15.4 emoji

On the top of the emoji tab, you will also see the new iOS 15.4 emoji preview.

Now, Click and Download the emoji. Then you will get an Apply button below > click apply

Then Select 2nd Option (Support Dai character [Best])

zfont applying

Tap Install > Install iOS 15.4 (zFont). 

After installing, close zFont.

Open Settings

Open setting panel > Additional settings > Language & region > Region > Select Myanmar from the country list.

After selecting Myanmar as your default region you will instantly see an option “Support Dai characters” appear on the Region page. 

Support Dai characters

Just turn on that and that’s it. You have successfully installed your desired iOS 15.4 emoji on realme phone.

Note: In case, if you don’t see the “Support Dai characters” option then you have to go Display & brightness setting from Setting Panel. You’ll surely see the option there. Then turn on it and you are good to go.

You can watch the video Tutorial:

Hopefully you understand this simple technique to change your realme phone’s normal android emoji to iPhone emojis. If you have any query about that, please feel free to comment down below. If you wish checkout our iOS Theme for Realme and Oppo post 

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