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How to install OnePlus Camera app on RealMe and Oppo phones

In this blog, we will give you a step-by-step guide on how to install the OnePlus official camera app on RealMe and Oppo phones. Please note that since the app was made for OnePlus phones, some of the app’s features will be unavailable on RealMe and Oppo phones.

Let’s get started.

Download the app

You can download the OnePlus camera app here.

Download the OnePlus Camera app
Download the OnePlus camera APK.

Once you download the APK file, click on it to install the app. We have RealMe UI 2.0 (i.e. Android 11) on our phones. The app should also get installed properly on Android 9 and 10 as well.

Install the APK.
The APK installation
App install properly on RealMe UI 2.0
Installed properly on our RealMe UI 2.0 or Android 11

Camera app versions

The default camera app version of our phone is 3.1.0.

RealMe or Oppo Default camera app version
Default Camera version

The OnePlus camera app has version 3.14.24.

OnePlus camera app version
OnePlus camera version

OnePlus camera app issues

Chances are that when you try to open the camera, the app would crash. You can resolve this problem by long-pressing the app and choosing the Pro option in the menu.

Choose pro mode in OnePlus camera app
Choose the Pro option to go into the camera

As you can see, this option opens the camera and shows all the features of the One Plus camera. Not all the features will work though. Let’s first see the options we have in the settings of the OnePlus camera app.

Pro mode options in the camera app
Pro mode in OnePlus camera app

Shot on OnePlus watermark

The settings section of the camera app will look as below.

Setting in the OnePlus camera app.
Settings in OnePlus camera app

You can go to “Shot on OnePlus Watermark” and enable the watermark to show the famous “Shot on OnePlus” watermark on your pictures.

Watermark setting in the app.
Watermark setting

You can also put your name in the OnePlus Camera app by changing the name in the watermark settings.

Edit name in the watermark
Edit watermark settings
Shot by OnePlus watermark
Shot on OnePlus by NT – watermark

Features that work

As we mentioned, not all features will work on the OnePlus Camera app. Here are the features we know worked well on the app.

Pro mode

Long press the app icon and click on Pro to get to Pro mode.

ISO, Shutter speed and other settings in Pro mode.
Pro mode

The pro mode in the camera allows you to adjust settings like ISO, Focus and shutter speed. This works on any RealMe and Oppo phone that has Camera 2 API enabled, which is true for most new RealMe phones.

Edit the pro mode settings.
Pro mode in OnePlus camera app

Selfie mode

Long press the app icon and click on Selfie. The selfie mode will enable the front camera.

Choose the selfie option
Choose the Selfie option

Video mode

To go to Video mode, long-press the app icon and choose “Selfie”. Then choose “Video” in the options below. The video would work with both front and back cameras. You can switch between the two with the camera switch icon.

Long press > Selfie > Video
Long press > Selfie > video

Features that won’t work

Features like Portrait, Time-lapse and Slow motion will most likely not work on RealMe devices. But it may vary from device to device.

Other features won't work on RealMe and Oppo phones
Other features

So, please check on your phone and let us know what works on your phone.

That’s it. That is how you can install the One plus official camera app on a RealMe or Oppo phone.

How to install OnePlus official camera app on RealMe and Oppo phones
OnePlua camera and default camera in the same phone

Watch the instructions in Hindi

Watch these instructions in Hindi on our YouTube channel.

How to install the OnePlus official camera app on RealMe and Oppo phones

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