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How to Fix Failed to apply (-104) error of Realme Theme Store

RealMe third party themes are wonderful. They can really change the look of your phone dramatically and give it your personalized touch. But occasionally you may get a “Failed to apply (- 104) error” while applying third-party RealMe theme. In this blog, we tell you why this error occurs and how to solve that error.

Trying to apply a third party RealMe theme from the File Manager
Trying to apply a third-party theme
Failed to Apply - 104 error for third-party RealMe theme.
Failed to apply -104 error

Read on to know how to this error.

Why this error occurs

Usually, most themes come from the RealMe Theme Store. But sometimes, you would download the theme and apply it from the File Manager.

This error shows up when you are on Theme Store app version 8.5.0beta1. The error usually does not come if you apply a theme from the Theme store. But if you try to apply a third-party theme from your File Manager, you will see this error.

Theme Store version 8.5.0beta1
Theme Store version 8.5.0beta1 has this issue

The error pop up also gives two suggestions – Delete this resource or Insufficient phone storage.

Sugesstions in the error.
Two suggestions in the error – ignore them

How to fix this error

You need to uninstall the current version of the Theme Store app. Here’s how to do it:

Long press on the Theme Store app and click on App info.

Long press to go to App info.
Go to App info on the Theme Store app

Next, Click on the two-dot or three-dot icon you see on the top right and choose Uninstall updates.

Uninstall updates from the Theme Store.
Choose uninstall updates

after the uninstall, the Theme Store will go to the default version of the app.

Theme Store.
Go to the default version of Theme Store

Now when you try to install the theme, you will not see the error.

Let us try to install the theme again. As you see I was able to go to the Apply page without the error.

No 104 error while trying to apply the RealMe theme.
Error is gone

And then I was able to apply the theme.

Applying the third-party theme.
Applying the theme

This is how you can solve the 104 error while trying to install a third-party RealMe theme.

Successfully applied the theme
Successfully applied the theme

Watch the instructions in Hindi

You can watch the same instructions on our Youtube channel in Hindi.

How to fix -104 error

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