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Download OnePlus 10T Live wallpaper Apk

Hi Guys, Today we will told you how you can download OnePlus 10T Live wallpaper Apk for any Android Phone.

Oneplus has recently released their new phone called Oneplus 10T. To be honest we are a little bit disappointed with oneplus because OnePlus is no more like the old OnePlus.

OnePlus 10T

We love oneplus, Because they are popular for their operating system oxygen OS and an iconic physical button to be used to silence your phone immediately, oneplus called alert slider. Which is no more on this oneplus 10t device.

Why I like 10T Wallpapers

First they moved from oxygenOS to colorOS but they didn’t rename their operating system. OnePlus still called it oxygen OS, But you all know it is not the real oxygenOS, It is just a customized version of ColorOS which is known as oppo’s operating system.

OnePlus 10T

I love Live wallpapers

Since the beginning of the Oneplus one device, I have loved this brand very much. For the last two years I didn’t like them. I only love them just because of their cool OnePlus live wallpapers. When it comes to the latest oneplus devices the wallpapers are really very blessing and minimalist.

Why OnePlus losing their identity

I think OnePlus lost their identity day after day from when Co-founder Carl Pei had resigned from the company. Now Carl Pei opens his own Smartphone company NOTHING.

Let’s talk about the OnePlus 10T live wallpaper apk. We will give two apk on this post. First you have to download them then follow our article to apply them on your Android device.

Download OnePlus 10T Live wallpaper Apk

How to apply wallpapers

Install both of these OnePlus 10T live wallpaper apk.

Download OnePlus 10T Live wallpaper Apk

Then visit Google Play Store & install “Wallpaper by Google” apk. 

Download Google wallpaper App from play store

Note: After applying the live walls, you can uninstall this app if you wish. 

After installing, Open the app. Scroll down a little then you will get an option called Live wallpapers.

Download Apk

Click on that then again scroll down a little more or you will find these two wallpapers APK that you installed  recently.

Select OnePlus 10T Live wallpaper

Tap any of them then select  “Apply to Home screen & Lock screen” 

Apply to Home screen & Lock screen

You are done !



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