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Dito UI Theme For Realme And Oppo Devices

Hey friends, Today we are gonna share The Dito UI Theme for Realme and Oppo devices for free. This is a custom build theme created by our Admin NT Porter.

This is a theme that is mainly extracted from the Chinese theme store, But NT added some extra modifications for our global devices.

So, If you are interested to apply this theme please read this article from the beginning to the end. Let’s dive into the post.

Screenshot of the Theme

Here is a quick look at the Dito UI theme for Realme

Dito UI theme Screenshot
Dito UI Theme for Realme & Oppo

Features of Dito UI Theme

There are a lot of features included in this Dito UI Theme. You might notice on the screenshot that Home Screen, Lock screen, And other stuff are completely customized.

Trust me this theme looks cooler in practical life. Just apply and see by yourself. We will discuss more of the features in this post.

Dito UI Theme Compatibility

This theme is fully compatible with any Realme and Oppo device running on Android 5 to Android 12. Here is a compatibility list:

Realme UI 3.0Supported ✅⬆️
ColorOS 12Supported ✅⬆️
ColorOS 11Supported ✅⬆️
ColorOS 7Supported ✅⬆️
ColorOS 5/6Supported ✅⬆️
ColorOS 3Not ❌

Theme Details

Time for discussing detailed features of this theme.

Home Screen

The home screen is colorful and awesome looking as you saw in the screenshot. Icon packs are 2D designed like our Minimal theme.

The wallpaper and icons combination is awesome. This minimal theme contains 1000+ clear & HD icons with a nice texture.

Lock Screen

The lock screen is simple. No fancy animation, no glitters. You will get a Static wallpaper which is very beautiful.

From the setting, you can customize the clock widget position. To open the setting, just double-tap on the clock widget!

Setting Panel

The setting panel is a very simple-looking, plain-looking interface with a minimalist gradient finish.

Icons on the Setting Panel are also customized like the home screen icons.

QS Panel

The notification panel or QS Panel only works well on Realme UI 3.0 and ColorOS 12. QS icons will be changed after you apply the theme.

If you have any Realme/Oppo device running on Android 12 then it will look like the preview.

If your device running on Android 11 or Android 10, then maybe it won’t work properly on your device.

Download Link

Extra Customization

You will get extra customization on the Lock Screen. Many people including me, like custom charging animation.

This means when you plug your phone into the charger, then an animation will show.

Well, this theme includes a custom charging animation on the lock screen. You don’t need to do anything.

Just apply the theme and plug your phone into the charger. Don’t forget to use your phone’s original charger. This is not compulsory, but I suggest you do that.

How to Apply realme themes

After you download the theme file, go to File Manager (make sure it should be the default native app). Then find your recently downloaded file and click on that. You will see two options called “Try me” & “Buy Now”. You have to choose the first option.

Well, there are many methods to bypass the 5 Minutes trial from themes. You can find them by searching on YouTube. I am telling you my favorite method.

  • Download the Theme Store 7.4.0 beta1
  • Download iMOD Pro
  • Uninstall your current theme store. Press Theme Store icon > App info > click 3 dot > Uninstall updates.
  • Open file manager
  • Click on the theme
  • Then click Try Me
  • After applying, Close the theme store from recent
  • Install Theme Store 7.4.0 beta1
  • Open iMOD Pro
  • Click the blue minus icon
  • Done!

How to Download

Wait for 40 seconds to generate the download link. Then visit the Download page. You will see 4 different buttons for different Android versions available. 

Now go to your setting panel > About > then check your realme UI / ColorOS version. After that, return to the download page and download according to your OS version. That’s it!

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Thank you for your valuable time reading our post! Have a great day😊



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