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Dark iOS 16 theme for Realme and Oppo

Hey guys, I am going to share with you the Dark iOS 16 theme for Realme and Oppo which can be applied to any realme and Oppo devices. The reason I am writing this post because people requested a dark  version of iOS 16 theme.

Today’s topic

Today we will discuss the dark theme of realme and Oppo devices. There are a lot of things already available on the official theme store of ColorOS. But they are not as good as any third party theme.  Some are really good but they are very costly.

Why you should read this post

If you are a student like me then I am sure that you can’t afford a lot of money to buy this type of thing. That’s why I am writing this post. In this post we will get a very premium iOS 16 version theme for your any realme and Oppo and oneplus whatever I mean any ColorOS running devices.

Previews iOS 16 theme

Few days ago we created an iOS 16 Original version theme and published a post on this blog.  if you didn’t read this article then you can check it out from here.

Should I try this Dark iOS 16 theme?

Honestly, this is a very tricky question for me. But the answer is very simple.

If you are an apple fanboy like me can’t afford any iOS or iPadOS running device right now but you are a owner of colorOS running any device, maybe it is an oneplus device or maybe a Oppo or realme? then you can get a taste of the original iOS 16 by using that theme.

Will the warranty expire? 

It’s a very common question that many people ask.  If I apply any third-party theme, is there any chance of the warranty expiration of my phone?

The Answer

Well, the answer is NO. If you still have any doubt then have to understand some basic fundamentals of the Android system.  We are not rooting our device or not unlocking the bootloader or anything like that. So, there is no question about the warranty policy.

Dark iOS 16 Screenshots

Theme Info

Theme NameDark iOS 16
Size13 MB
Supported Android versionsAndroid 12, 11, 10
Supported ColorOS versionsColorOS 12, ColorOS 11, ColorOS 7
Supported realme UI versionsrealmeUI 3.0, 2.0, 1.0
Info Table

Download Link

Please Wait for 30 seconds
Go to Download Page

How to Download

Wait for 30 seconds to generate the download link. Then visit Download page. You will see 4 different buttons for different Android versions are available. 

Now go to your setting panel > About > then check your  realme UI / ColorOS version. After that, return to the download page and download according to your OS version. That’s it!

How to Apply realme/oppo themes

Well there are many methods to bypass the 5 Minutes trial from themes. You can find them by searching on YouTube. I am telling you my favorite method:

  1. Download the Theme Store 7.4.0 beta1
  2. Download iMOD Pro
  3. Uninstall your current theme store. Press Theme Store icon > App info > click 3 dot > Uninstall updates.
  4. Open file manager
  5. Click on the theme
  6. Then click Try Me
  7. After applying, Close theme store from recent
  8. Install Theme Store 7.4.0 beta1
  9. Open iMOD Pro
  10. Click the blue minus icon
  11. Done!

Video tutorial for you

Thanks for reading 🙂




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