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ColorOS 13 theme download for Realme and Oppo

Hey folks, Today we will discuss ColorOS 13 theme download for Realme and Oppo. ColorOS is a very popular custom UI of many devices like realme Oppo and OnePlus. Recently they have released their new 13 version of colorOS.

ColorOS 13

Here are some highlighting features of ColorOS 13


A customisable flip down shelf simplifies your view. Then allowing for global search and Housing all your most important information and useful tools so they’re easily accessible.

Home Screen

You can also add widgets to your home screen for a better experience. Prioritizing important information and giving you more flexibility over how your phone looks.

Large Folders

Large folders are simple and efficient to manage your applications on your home screen. Open any apps or scroll through them without opening folders, for increased productivity and organization.

Smart Always-On Display

Integrated with Always-On Display, Bitmoji7 reflects your real-life activities, mimicking the real you throughout the day. You’ll probably see your Bitmoji snooze away at night, and use an umbrella when it’s raining outside.


Omoji allows you to create a truly personal ID card for the digital world with more elements of hobbies, professions and more. Integrated with OPPO contacts, you can now get cute photos of your fave peeps on incoming calls.

Kid Space 

Opening Kid Space automatically switches your phone to eye comfort mode. It provides helpful health hints when they’re too close to the screen, the room is too dark or they’re sitting badly.

Blossom Wallpaper

Blossom Wallpaper blooms as you get closer to the screen time target. The plant shifts its color to reflect the app you’ve used the most, providing instant visual reminders on screen time usage.

Insight AOD

Insight AOD gives a graphic representation of your screen time, recording locks and unlocks on a coloured bar. It’s never been so pretty to stay in touch with your wellbeing and become inspired to enjoy life more.

New Theme Palettes

Featuring an inclusive warm blue color, our stunning new palettes are inspired by the ocean. Colorless but reflective of the beautiful colors of nature from dawn to dusk.

ColorOS 13 theme for Realme

We Have created this ColorOS 13 theme for your existing old realme or Oppo device. So you don’t need to wait for a while to get the update officially. You can enjoy the UI by simply apply our theme.

Eye-friendly fonts

ColorOS 13 ‘s latest font is optimized with a steadier, firmer font for Latin & Cyrillic. Arabic characters, creating a clear, neutral, yet stylish interface across all languages, making the screen easier and more comfortable to read.

Card-Style Layout

Scattered information is collected and carefully organized into a logical card system. Which means less brain strain searching for the stuff you need.

Aquamorphic Effect 

Water inspired animations create a super relaxing flow to your phone. A ripple motion provides feedback for fingerprint unlocking.

A dynamic water droplet animates when charging and embraces an integrated water-like blur for smooth transitions between interfaces.

Shadow Reflective Clock

ColorOS 13 offers so much more than a simple clock. The display reflects the physical world, casting shadows at the right angle for the sun’s position.

ColorOS 13 downlaod for realme and oppo image

It also diffusion of moonlight shadow when under Dark Mode.

ColorOS 13 theme Info

Theme NameColorOS 13
Size20 MB
Supported Android versionsAndroid 12, 11, 10
Supported ColorOS versionsColorOS 12, ColorOS 11, ColorOS 7
Supported realme UI versionsrealmeUI 3.0, 2.0, 1.0
Info Table

ColorOS 13 theme download for Realme and Oppo

Please Wait for 30 seconds
Go to Download Page

How to download

Wait for 40 seconds to generate the download link. Then visit Download page. You will see 4 different buttons for different Android versions are available. 

Now go to your setting panel > About > then check your  realme UI / ColorOS version. After that, return to the download page and download according to your OS version. That’s it!

Thanks for reading!



  1. Hi, my device is OPPO A54(CPH2239) ColorOS11(Android 11). It doesn’t matter what you or someone else’s theme is, dark mode doesn’t work. It works halfway. For example, the top of the phone application is black and the bottom side is white. Hi, my device is OPPO A54(CPH2239) ColorOS11(Android 11). It doesn’t matter what you or someone else’s theme is, dark mode doesn’t work. It works halfway. For example, the top of the phone application is black and the bottom side is white. Dark mode themes are problematic. Please help me🥺Thanks. I hope you get a return…


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