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Top 5 Best Themes for RealMe and Oppo Phones!

March 2022 edition.

Hey Guys! Today, we bring you the top 5 themes for RealMe and Oppo devices that we absolutely loved! All of these themes are available for download in the Official RealMe-Oppo Theme store.

We will give you download links for all of them. We also give you a bonus at the end of the article.

Without wasting any time, let’s get started!

Light change Multi Lock Screen

RealMe and Oppo theme: Light change multi lock screen
Light change multi lock screen

The Light change Multi lock screen theme, seen above, is a beautiful simple theme with a clean icon design. It is not a universal theme and changes only the lock screen and Home screen. So, you won’t see any changes in the Notification panel or the App drawer.

The Lock screen looks gorgeous in this theme and has some customisation options. You can do customisations by sliding your lock screen to the right. Options include changing the wallpaper and the lock screen design. There is also an option to change the charging animation under customisation.

We personally liked the second animation featuring a moving ring with bold percentages in the centre. Check it out!

Simple Lan Ke Yi Meng

RealMe and Oppo theme: Simple Lan Ke Yi Meng
Simple Lan Ke Yi Meng

The second theme is called Simple Lan Ke Yi Meng. We really loved its wallpaper and icon design combination. The curved edges of the icons go well with the theme design.

Like the last theme, this one is also not a universal theme. So, you can only change the Lock screen and Home screen. The highlight of this theme is the lock screen animation. It is extremely smooth and elegant to watch.

This lock screen animation is what made us take this theme to #2 position.

Stereo Chip

RealMe and Oppo theme: Stereo Chip
Stereo chip

We always keep our gaming friends in mind while selecting the top 5 themes and in today’s blog, this Gaming theme stood out for us.

At no. 3, we have a theme called Stereo chip. The design of this theme is such that it won’t be universally liked. We personally felt the theme looked better when the phone is in Dark mode.

But the main reason for selecting this theme it its lock screen. The lock screen animation of this theme is extraordinarily good. You can also customise it by sliding left on the lock screen. There are some cool-looking 3D animations in this. Do check it out!


RealMe and Oppo theme: BirdAnimationUI

The 4th theme we have on our list is called BirdAnimationUI. This theme is extremely lightweight at less than 2 MB. The icon designs stand out with their circular white lines. We suggest you to use this theme in Dark mode as the designs pop out better in that mode.

The lock screen is pretty simple and minimalistic. The Lock screen animation is of a cute bird flying away which is very well made.

Heart OS

RealMe and Oppo theme: Heart OS
Heart OS

The 5th theme in our list is called Heart OS. This is a System-wide theme. So, this not only changes your Lock screen and Home screen but also changes other system-level designs. So, your App Drawer, Settings Panel and even your Dialer pad get a new design.

The Home screen also features a custom clock widget. The App Drawer has a transparent interface. If you are a RealMe UI 2.0 user, then the Notification Panel also picks up a new design.

What we loved about this theme is that it has carefully customised many small aspects of the phone UI. For example, even the volume bar gets a new customised design. And it looks fabulous!

The RealMe Dialer Pad and Message app UI are also fully revamped with this theme. The theme, however, doesn’t change Google’s default Dialer and Message UIs.

The lock screen looks clean. The charging animation is a nice heart icon showing an ECG-like heartbeat animation.

So we covered the Top 5 RealMe and Oppo themes, but we have 2 bonus themes for you! Let’s look at them as well.

Bonus #1: Song2

RealMe and Oppo theme: Song2

Our first bonus theme for you is called Song2. The best part about this theme is that it has over 2000 custom icons available for use! For example, if you download, say, MXPlayer or CX File Explorer, you can set up a custom icon for them.

With over 2000 custom icons, this theme takes the cake when it comes to icon customisation. But one downside of this feature is that the theme is a lot heavier than others. The theme is about 30 MB in size.

Bonus #2: MinimalMoutnainssUI

RealMe and Oppo theme: MinimalMoutnainssUI

The last bonus theme for today is called MinimalMoutnainssUI. The look of this theme is pretty minimalistic with a OnePlus widget. By the way, if you wish to have a OnePlus widget on any RealMe or Oppo phone – you can do that by watching this video of ours.

The lock screen has a clean design without any extra features. But the beauty of this theme is that it is extremely lightweight at less than 1 MB. So, if you like lightweight themes, this theme is for you!

Download these top themes

Here are the download links for each of these themes:

  1. Light change multi lock screen“, a clean theme here.
  2. Simple Lan Ke Yi Meng“, an elegant animation theme here.
  3. Stereo chip“, a gaming-style theme here.
  4. BirdAnimationUI“. the circular icon theme here.
  5. Heart OS“, the system-wide theme here.
  6. Song2“, the 2000+ custom icons theme here.
  7. MinimalMoutnainssUI“, the minimalist lightweight theme here.

You can also watch our YouTube video in Hindi here:

Do let us know which theme was your favourite!
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