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Best Live Wallpapers for Nothing Phone 1

Today in this post, We will talk about the Best live wallpapers for Nothing Phone 1 to make your aesthetic phone more aesthetic.

Why use Live Wallpaper

Another advantage of using live wallpaper is to hide the top side shadow on bright wallpaper. You may notice that a dark shadow appears on the Home Screen if you apply any bright or light wallpaper. This won’t happen on the lock screen or anywhere else.

Another Benefit of using live wallpaper

If you apply any Dark wallpaper, then the shadow will not appear. But honestly, Bright wallpapers look more awesome on the Nothing Phone 1. That’s why many people including me use bright wallpapers.

After much research, I found a way to hide or remove the top shadow of this phone. The solution is to apply any live wallpaper.

4 Best Live wallpapers for Noting Phone 1

Now, I will share with you the best 4 Live wallpaper which can be applied on the Nothing Phone.

#1 FlymeOS 8

FlymeOS is the operating system or custom user interface (UI) of the Meizu smartphone. Here is the preview and Download link


#2 OnePlus 8T (OxygenOS)

OnePlus 8T was the great phone of the past. Everybody knows that the Founder of Nothing is the ex-cofounder of OnePlus.


#3 OnePlus 10 Pro (OxygenOS)

Just like OnePlus 8T, it is another live wallpaper from a OnePlus Phone. But this OnePlus 10 Pro is not good as the previous 8T. People don’t like this phone as expected. Who cares 😅, We can apply the live wallpaper on our Nothing Phone.


#4 Doodle Wallpaper

Doodle is the best live wallpaper for pixel phone lovers. Personally, I like this app very much. If you wanna try Original pixel dynamic wallpaper then this app will surprise you.


How to apply live wallpaper

Applying process is very easy. After downloading the apps, Just install them. Then Tap on the home screen > Customisation > Wallpaper & style > Tap Change wallpaper > Live Wallpapers > Then select the wallpaper which you wanna apply > Then apply!

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