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Across-the-room wireless charging: Coming soon to your homes

A company called WiCharge wants to take your wireless game to the next level. They want to offer on-the-air wireless charging. They have partnered with Belkin to release at least two of these wireless products by this year.

How it works

Regular wireless charging technology is basically a charging pad or dock that is plugged in. We charge our devices by placing them on these docks. So, all it is basically doing is, removing the need to physically connect our device to a wire.

The company, WiCharge, wants to make it over the air. The technology uses Infrared (IR) beams to deliver power to the device. The device, however, has to be in one spot and visible to the charger. This means it won’t charge a device in your pocket.

But this is still a huge step forward.

on-the-air wireless charging
On-the-air wireless charging

WiCharge and Belkin have not revealed the exact specifications or the type of products they plan to launch this year. But they have given some hints to possible use cases they are working on.

One of the examples that WiCharge gave is a battery-powered toothbrush. WiCharge could deliver low amounts of power like 1W to the toothbrush using IR. This would remove the need of keeping the toothbrush connected to the charger all day. The toothbrush would not require a dock or be near an outlet. This would remove the need for many cables in the bathroom.

Truly wireless charging
Many uses of truly wireless charging

This can then be extended to other low-power devices in the house like Smart doorbells, remote controls and other smart devices.

Partnership with Belkin

Belkin has been at the forefront of deliver quality charging devices to consumers world over. This has clearly excited WiCharge as Belkin brings the manufacturing expertise in bulk to the table. Combined with their innovation in over-the-air Wireless charging technology, this will help quality products to consumers in a shorter time frame.

charging devices wirelessly across the room
Charge devices across the room wirelessly

We are definitely excited about the new truly wireless chargers. Are you? What do you think are its other uses? Let us know.

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